Uganda Mountain Climbing Safaris

Meet the country’s highest point with our Uganda Mountain Climbing Safaris tour experience. Uganda has about six mountain ranges, the most popular of which are Rwenzori, Algona, and Virunga. When you come to Uganda Mountain Hiking Safaris, the Uganda Volcano Hike and Climb tour is a must.

The Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the “Mountain of the Moon“, are the highest point in Uganda and the third highest point in East Africa and Africa as a whole. Join us on a Uganda Mountain Hiking Safaris trip to Rwenzori Ridge to experience snow-capped Margaret Peak and the endless glaciers at the top.

The climb to the top usually begins at the base of the mountain, where there is often a mixture of rainforest and swamp. See the vegetation of this volcanic area from rainforest to moorland to alpine terrain with unique vegetation that may not be seen anywhere else in the world. Your reward will be a breathtaking landscape that crosses borders and enters a whole new world.

Uganda Mountain Climbing Safaris

Snow at Mount Rwenzori

Hiking Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda Mountain Climbing Safaris to Mount Rwenzori is no adventure for the faint of heart. This special Uganda travel adventure will be the ultimate test of your physical and emotional abilities as you brave the cold weather cascades down the glacier and the physical endurance required for the actual trek.

Apart from the physical stress, emotional stress and altitude sickness, trekking Uganda’s highest mountain on a Uganda Mountain Hiking Safaris is a safe way to start your Uganda adventure standing at 5109, the scenic highest point in Uganda. In addition, we have fun with our tailor-made Uganda volcano treks.

Always remember to stay as hydrated as possible and bring enough snacks and chocolate bars to help you through the trek. Resting your body and eating enough food between hikes is key to getting you to the top. In addition, we recommend that you set aside enough time for training a few months before your Uganda Mountain Hiking Safaris.

Uganda Mountain Climbing Safaris tour experience