Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays (Gorilla Trekking, Chimps, & Wildlife Tour Packages)

Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays (Gorilla Trekking, Chimps, & Wildlife Tour Packages) Updated for 2024, 2025 by Deks Uganda Safaris. The “Pearl of Africa” – Uganda ​​is a fantastic safaris tour destination and there is no doubt that Uganda has spectacular natural beauty, a pleasant year-round climate, several interesting Uganda safaris tour attractions, and a diverse culture. Want to meet mountain gorillas? Then a Uganda Safaris Tour is for you, the country is home to half of the world’s endangered gorillas that inhabit the dense, impenetrable forests of Bwindi. In addition, you can see amazing chimpanzees and rare birds in Kibale National Park during your Uganda Safaris Tour holiday.

The Top 35 Uganda Safaris Tour (Gorilla Trekking, Chimps, & Wildlife Tour Packages)

Uganda Safaris Tour

5 Days Murchison Falls Safari in Uganda

The 5 Days Murchison Falls Safari Uganda wildlife tour will allow you to explore the world’s longest river, possibly the most powerful waterfall in the world, located along…

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Uganda Safaris

6 Days Uganda Kenya Tour

6 Days Uganda Kenya Tour from Kigali City for Ultimate Gorilla Trekking and Great Wildlife Migration Experience. Enjoy this best East African gorilla and wildlife safari as…

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Uganda Safaris Tour

6 Days Uganda Safari Tour

Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison Falls National Park 6 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari Tour will allow clients to get up close and personal with rare wildlife.

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Uganda Safaris Tour

7 Days 1 Week Uganda Safari

These 7 Days 1 Week Uganda Safari – Wildlife Safari & Gorilla Trek in Uganda will take you through the pearl of Africa – exclusive Uganda and experience an abundance.

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4 Day Gorilla Trekking Safari Tour

7 Days Best of Uganda Tour

This is another fun 7 days tour to the best of Uganda. Take Uganda’s best 7-day Best Uganda tour to the world’s thundering waterfall and find the nearest great ape, the chimpanzee.

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7 Days Rwanda Uganda Tour

7 Days Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safari

This 7-day Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safari takes you through the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and the Land of a Thousand Mountains – Rwanda to see abundant wildlife.

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Uganda Mountain Hiking Safari

8 Days Mount Elgon Trekking Safari

The 8-day Uganda Mount Elgon Trekking Adventure Tour is an incredible journey to the second highest peak in Uganda – the Wagagai Peak at 4321 meters. Mount Elgon..

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About Deks Uganda Safaris

9 Days Family Trip in Uganda

Combining wildlife, rhino tracking, and a Ugandan cruise, this 9 Days Family Trip in Uganda will bring the best of what Uganda has to offer to your family. Activities for all ages.

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Birding Safaris Tour Uganda

15 Days Uganda Bird Safari

This is the best of Uganda Bird Watching Safari & Primates Trip as it will take our client to enjoy the best birding experience while learning about almost all birds of Uganda.

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Uganda Wildlife Safaris

19 Days Birding & Wildlife Trip

This is the best 19 Days Birding SafariWildlife Trip to Uganda as it will take our client to enjoy the best birding experience while learning about almost all birds of Uganda.

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Uganda Safaris Tour

20 Days Birding Safari in Uganda

20 Days Birding Safari Excursion in Uganda takes you to Mabira virgin forest with 312 species, Ziwa rhino sanctuary with 250 bird species, Budongo forest with over 360…

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Mweya Peninsular in Queen Elizabeth National Park

21 Days Uganda Birding Excursion Safari

There is no single destination in the world that can compare to Uganda when it comes to Birding Excursion Safari and its assortment of tourism products. It is a paradise.

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Uganda Murchison Falls

10 Days Luxury Uganda BIG-5 Safari

On the 10 Days Luxury Uganda BIG-5 Safari & Primates “Medley’s of Nature in the Pear of Africa”, you will be able to participate in Gorilla trekking in Bwindi forests, Chimpanzee tracking.

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hiking Mount Bisoke

12 Days Uganda Nature Tour

This Uganda Exclusive nature tourPrimate Safari starts and ends in Entebbe. It includes Gorilla and Chimpanzee visit, this safari will take you to Bwindi impenetrable national par.

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Uganda Safaris Tour

13 Days Big 5 Safari to Uganda

13 Days Big 5 Safari to Uganda Kidepo Valley National Park, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – White Rhino Tracking tour, and Murchison Falls national park – The World’s Most Powerful Waterfall.

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hiking Mount Bisoke

14 Days Active Adventure Tour

The 14 Days Best Active Adventure Tour to Uganda safari starts and ends in Entebbe. It includes Gorilla and Chimpanzee visit, this safari will take you to Bwindi impenetrable national park.

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Golden Monkey Tracking

15 Days Best Active Uganda Safari

The 15 Days Best Active Adventure Trip to Uganda Safari take you to Explore Uganda from the far North to the far South, Kidepo Valley National Park down to Bwindi Impenetrable.

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Uganda Safaris Tour

17 Days Best Uganda Adventure Trip

Un-discovered best of Uganda adventure trip – wildlife Safarigorilla trekking, primates tour, will lead us to the far North Kidepo Valley National Park down to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park!

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Uganda Safaris Tour

18 Days Uganda Adventure Holiday

Uganda adventure Holidays trip and Primates tour will lead you to the far North Kidepo Valley National Park down to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park! Take a cool off deep.

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Uganda Safari Tours

19 Days Albertine Adventure Safaris to Uganda

This 19 Days Albertine Adventure Safaris to Uganda is the MOST exciting but more adventurous trip that will lead you from the Mighty streams e of the source of the NILE up to Sipi.

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4 Day Gorilla Trekking Safari Tour

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park covers an area of 321 sq km, it is one of the oldest African rainforests lasting 30,000 years. On the 3 Days Uganda Gorilla Express Safari.

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Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

4 Days Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Tour

A memorable 4 Days Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Tour to track Gorillas is a great expedition in the Pearl of Africa which will take you to Uganda’s dense Impenetrable rain Forests of Bwindi.

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6 Days Uganda Kenya Tour

20 Days Uganda Adventure Holiday

This 20 Days Uganda Adventure Holiday Tour is the MOST exciting but more adventurous holiday trip that will lead you from the Mighty streams e of the source of the NILE up to Sipi.

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Uganda Safari

22 Days Exclusive Uganda Safari Tour

22 Days Exclusive Uganda Safari Tour, wildlife adventure, gorilla trekking safari, Cultural Safari Uganda Primates Tour (“The World’s Most Preferred Primates Destination”).

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Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

5 Days Chimpanzee Trekking

This 5 Days Chimpanzee Trekking & Wildlife Tour will start and end in Entebbe. It involves visiting Kibale Forest National Park which is home to Chimpanzees and other…

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5 Days Madagascar Luxury Tour

9 Day Uganda Family Tour

Uganda 9 Day Family Tour combines wildlife, Rhino tracking, and boat Uganda safaris will show you the best of what Uganda has to offer for your family. Activities are for all ages.

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White Rhino Tracking in Uganda

9 Days Uganda BIG 5 Tour

Taking part in this 9 Days Uganda BIG 5 Tour & Primates Safari Adventure, you will be able to experience Gorilla trekking activity in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park, Chimpanzee…

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Uganda Safaris Tour

7 Days Wildlife Uganda Trip

7 Days Wildlife Uganda Trip – Wildlife Adventure in Kidepo Valley National Park (The Big Five Safari) “The Little un Exploited trail of North – in the Pearl of Africa” North and North Eastern.

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8 Days Great Primates Uganda Tour

8 Days Great Primates Tour

The 8 Days Great Primates Trip Uganda Savannah Tour will take you to the western part as far as Kibale Forest National Park one of Africa’s greatest rain forests and home.

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To 10 Safari Activities to Do on Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays – Deks Uganda Safaris

  1. Gorilla Trekking Adventures
  2. Wildlife Safaris Tour Holidays
  3. Mountain Hiking Excursions
  4. Chimpanzee Tracking Tours
  5. Cultural Encounters
  6. Bird-Watching Excursions
  7. Discovery Tours in Uganda
  8. Adventure Tours in Uganda
  9. White Water Rafting
  10. Bungee Jumping Tours

What About Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour Holidays?

With more than a dozen wildlife reserves, the pearl of Africa is the best destination in Africa for a Uganda Safaris Tour holiday. When it comes to Uganda tours, this destination is second to none and you will find plenty of great opportunities to see BIG 5 animals such as elephants, leopards, rhinos, and more. Enjoy a Uganda Safaris Tour and learn about some of the 342 species of mammals in the Uganda Wildlife Reserve with Deks Uganda Safaris & Tours.

Our Uganda Safaris Tour holiday packages are designed to showcase the best wildlife in their natural environment and the unspoiled wild side of Uganda’s best national parks and game reserves. Note amazing animal sightings such as; tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, mountain gorillas in Bwindi, and chimpanzees in Kibale National Park from your Uganda Safaris Tour and holidays list. With our specially designed game drives, you can experience all the fun in nature and never get enough of it!

Where to Go for Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour?

Uganda travel games can be arranged at a time that suits you best; be it early morning, evening or evening. An early morning game drive is ideal for capturing amazing views as the animals come out of the cave to hunt and start their day. The afternoon brings its drama as the animals head to water sources to quench their thirst, only to end up fighting off predators. Night hunting is often a delight for scientists and researchers who want to observe some nocturnal animals that are difficult to spot during the day.

While on safari in Uganda, get your camera ready for incredible images in the open savannahs of popular locations such as Buligi and Paraa Murchison Falls National Park and the Wildlife Photography Peninsula region of Queen Elizabeth National Park. So, get ready to awaken your senses when you plan your Uganda Safaris Tour with Deks Safaris & Tours Africa to experience wild dogs, servals, zebras, hyenas, Jackson antelope, baboons, Cobbs, giraffes, chimpanzees, monkeys, baboons, and warthogs.

What to Know About Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safaris Tour?

Maybe you’ve heard of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas, but never seen one? You get a great opportunity to experience what it’s like to be up close and personal with these magnificent apes on our specially designed Mountain Gorilla Trek Uganda Safaris Tour Vacation. We assure you that almost no experience can surpass this moment!

There is no doubt that mountain gorilla trekking is a mainstay of wildlife safari holidays in Uganda and around the world. This is mainly because these endangered mountain gorillas are only found in the green jungles of the Bwindi and Virunga mountains. Therefore, the Gorilla Trekking Uganda tour can only be done in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Additionally, about 400 people uniquely live in Uganda. Almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population makes it the best destination for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda. With Deks Uganda Safaris & Tours Africa, you have a 99.9% chance of seeing a mountain gorilla on your Uganda Safaris Tour. Can’t beat it anywhere else!

Where to Go for Gorilla Trekking Safaris Tour Holidays in Uganda?

There are two places to experience mountain gorilla trekking during your Uganda Safaris Tour and holiday; Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National ParkBwindi Impenetrable National Park provides a haven for 14 families of domesticated mountain gorillas, totaling 600 individuals, compared to the smaller number of gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which has only one common gorilla.

The gorilla family and about 300 individuals move between Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. From the moment you leave the hotel around 07.00, this adventure is very exciting. After a short briefing to prepare you for the experience, you can begin your trek deep into the jungle with a safari and guide. Soon you will be standing in front of the mountain gorillas and can observe them from a safe distance of about 8 to 10 meters.

How Much is a Uganda Gorilla Trekking Permit?

Foreigners and non-residents usually pay $700 for a gorilla trekking permit, while East Africans pay UGX 250,000, who can then trek with these gorillas in groups of eight on a trip to Uganda. Be sure to always follow the rules, such as a minimum age of 15, no littering, no physical contact with the gorillas, and no sudden movements and noises.

What to Know About Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda

When it comes to Uganda primate safaris tour holidays, look no further than our Chimpanzee Trekking Adventure! While most people might think that a primate adventure starts with a mountain gorilla trek in Bwindi or Mgahinga, we have tried to show you a more comprehensive view of Uganda’s primates; including the always fascinating chimpanzees.

For the adventurous, chimpanzee trekking is always a must-do activity on your Uganda Safaris Tour. Many visitors will also find the exotic appeal of this activity, which takes them to the peaceful, lush greenery of Uganda’s primate capital, Kibale National Park. With Deks Uganda Safaris & Tours Africa, you can follow the path of a conspiracy with around 5,000 Ugandan chimpanzees.

Where to Go for Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris in Uganda?

Uganda has such a large chimpanzee population (5000) that we organize Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays for chimpanzee trekking in other protected areas around the country such as Budongo Forest with 610 and Kyambura with around 29. Other destinations include; Kaniyo Pabidi and Kalinzu Forest among others. Chimpanzee Uganda Safaris Tour holidays are quite affordable compared to mountain gorilla treks.

Tickets to Kibale National Park cost about $100 to $150 depending on the season, while Kyambura Gorge costs about $50 and Budongo Forest $90. However, a chimpanzee trekking expedition is always worth it and we can guarantee that you will always be glad you visited!

Where to Go for Chimp Tracking?

  1. Kibale Forest National Park
  2. Budongo Forest National Reserve
  3. Kalinzu Forest Reserve
  4. Kyambura Gorge
  5. Ngamba Island Sanctuary

Bird Watching Safaris Tour Holidays in Uganda

Are you a bird lover who likes to spread colorful wings in nature? If so, a bird-watching Uganda Safaris Tour is the adventure for you. About 1,066 bird species have been recorded in Uganda, including at least 2 endemic species, 66 incidental species, and 3 human-introduced bird species. At the East African level, Uganda is home to 150 endemic species found nowhere else in East Africa.

With Deks Safaris & Tours Africa, all you need is a good camera and binoculars to complete your bird-watching holiday in Uganda. Clear skies and open countryside provide the best birding at top spots such as Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Destinations such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Kibale National Park are rich in forest diversity.

Birding in Semuliki Valley National Park

Highlight the birding adventure of your Uganda trip with a trip to Semuliki Valley National Park; a destination for at least 20% of Uganda’s endemic and unique birds. Uganda Safaris Tour in Semliki is unlike any other, as you will encounter fascinating wildlife such as gray crowned cranes, partridge storks, and dazzling red-throated plovers.

This is sure to be the birding experience of a lifetime in Uganda with Deks Safaris & Tours Africa as we take you to destinations that may seem a bit mysterious on your Uganda Safaris Tour holiday. An index and bird guide will come in handy as our guide directs your attention to the bright-winged creatures balancing branches on trees near you.

What Else to Adventure on Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays – Deks Uganda Safaris

Volcano Hiking and Mountain Climbing in Uganda

Meet the country’s highest point with our Uganda Tour Volcano Trekking Adventure. Uganda has about six mountain ranges, the most popular of which are Rwenzori, Algona, and Virunga. When you come to Uganda on safari, the Uganda Volcano Hike and Climb tour is a must. The Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the “Mountain of the Moon”, are the highest point in Uganda and the third highest point in East Africa and Africa as a whole.

Join us on a trip to Rwenzori Ridge to experience snow-capped Margaret Peak and the endless glaciers at the top. The climb to the top usually begins at the base of the mountain, where there is often a mixture of rainforest and swamp. See the vegetation of this volcanic area from rainforest to moorland to alpine terrain with unique vegetation that may not be seen anywhere else in the world. Your reward will be a breathtaking landscape that crosses borders and enters a whole new world.

Hiking Rwenzori Mountains

Climbing a volcano or trekking Mount Rwenzori is no adventure for the faint of heart. This special Uganda travel adventure will be the ultimate test of your physical and emotional abilities as you brave the cold weather cascades down the glacier and the physical endurance required for the actual trek.

Apart from the physical stress, emotional stress and altitude sickness, trekking Uganda’s highest mountain on an Uganda Safaris Tour is a safe way to start your Uganda adventure standing at 5109, the scenic highest point in Uganda. In addition, we have fun with our tailor-made Uganda volcano treks.

Always remember to stay as hydrated as possible and bring enough snacks and chocolate bars to help you through the trek. Resting your body and eating enough food between hikes is key to getting you to the top. In addition, we recommend that you set aside enough time for training a few months before your Uganda mountaineering trip.

Cultural Encounter Experience in Uganda

There is no better way to get to know Ugandans than to learn about their culture, values ​​, and traditions. Home to approximately 54 tribes, look forward to an in-depth look at some of the most vibrant ways of life on earth with our special Uganda Safaris Tour cultural experience or encounter. We will bring you closer to the ancient Ugandan way of life, hidden from the world.

From the popular Karimojong in the north to the community of Buhoma in the south, the travel experience in Uganda can only get better. Set foot on the edge of Uganda’s national parks, where countless lives have long depended on the natural resources extracted from these game reserves. A cultural experience adventure allows you to walk in the footsteps of the tribe and live a life completely different from your own.

After your Uganda wildlife safari, visit some of the cultural villages around the national parks and game reserves for a taste of traditional Ugandan life. You can help cook and taste local delicacies, make or buy artisan products, and visit plantations to learn how food is grown, harvested, and even processed locally.

Uganda tourism cultural villages

One such local cultural center is the Boumu Women’s Group, which was established in 1999 with the sole purpose of promoting life in local villages through income-generating activities that help eradicate poverty, and malnutrition and keep children in school. Initially, the group consisted only of women, but now even men are welcome.

Other Uganda tourism cultural villages include the Batwa community, KAFRED, and many others. These cultural villages provide opportunities for cultural safari experiences including farming, herb cooking, music dance and theatre, local food preparation and tasting, arts and crafts, and perhaps even a visit to a local school where the children are.

These cultural villages are suitable for both locals and tourists. When you go on safari in Uganda, the proceeds from your trip go towards better healthcare, education, and other social services for the local people. In return, the lives of residents are improved by participating in income-generating activities such as selling artifacts and serving as local guides.

Boat Cruise in Uganda Safaris Tour Experience

What do you like to do in the afternoon, go on a boat trip? Then we understood you completely. At Deks Safaris & Tours Africa, we have learned that safari holidays in Uganda are more satisfying and are complemented by leisurely cruises on the water and beyond. Our Uganda Safaris Tour packages are now more adventurous than ever as we take you to some of the best cruise or launch locations across the country.

Escape the sweltering tropical heat with your guide as you cross the natural streams of the Pearl of Africa on our Uganda Safaris Tour. The water’s edge is usually a wet marsh, home to birds such as partridges and papyrus. Boat trips to Uganda are also great for spotting animals like Nile crocodiles as they catch their prey.

Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places to go on a boat safaris tour in Uganda. Kazinga Channel is a 40-kilometer-long freshwater river that connects Lake George and Lake Edward. A typical 2-hour Ugandan cruise on this Channel is the perfect way to meet half of the world’s Nile crocodile population and a variety of wildlife.

Kazinga Channel is a 40-kilometer-long freshwater river that connects Lake George and Lake Edward. A two-hour boat trip in Uganda on this Channel is the perfect way to meet half of the world’s Nile crocodile population. The next stop is a Nile cruise to the majestic waterfalls of Murchison Falls National Park, where the river is lush and forested.

Other great Uganda Safaris Tour and boat tour destinations include Lake Mburo, Lake Mutanda, and the Upper Nile. A typical Ugandan safari holiday cruise takes about two hours round trip along the waterways where you can see aquatic animals such as hippos, flamingos, herons and lizards, and more.

Nature Walks in Uganda

Include nature walks and light walks on your Uganda Safaris Tour with Deks Safaris & Tours Africa. Our sole aim is to bring you the “Ultimate Uganda Safaris Tour” which includes exploring all the natural beauty our dear motherland Uganda has to offer. Our Uganda Safaris Tour and holidays not only include safaris, boat trips, and hot air balloon adventures, but also nature walks.

Opting for a nature walk is one of the best safari experiences on our Uganda Safaris Tour holidays as it brings you closer to nature and brings your safari a more natural feel. Meet antelopes and zebras in Lake Mburo National Park to capture extraordinary photos that all your friends will be talking about when they get home.

Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays

Nature Walk in Uganda

Nature Walks in Lake Mburo National Park

In addition, Lake Mburo National Park is one of the few protected areas where nature walks are possible. In the wild plains of this national park, where bright red-orange sunsets provide the best view, take a Deks Safaris & Tours Africa. Walking in nature is also very practical for sightseeing, compared to a regular 4*4 car. They allow you to stand on rough hills and explore the horizon beyond.

Have you ever gone on a bird-watching Uganda Safaris Tour holiday? How about visiting the Royal Mile at Murchison Falls National Park with us? Spot a variety of brightly colored birds along the way, including some rare birds such as Puvel’s Illadopsis, Strange Weaver, Regal Sunbird, Dusky’s Crimson Wings, and Grauer’s Swamp Warbler.

Depending on your preferences, walking tours can be done at various destinations across the country. Our expert team at Deks Safaris & Tours Africa lets you discover Uganda’s wildlife on an Uganda Safaris Tour for the ultimate trekking and walking experience. With our safari packages, only the best destinations await you for your treks in Uganda.

Kampala City Tour

Behind the crowded streets and canyons on the road, the city of Kampala is also vibrant, modern, and religious. The city of Kampala is the capital of Uganda and the main business center of the country. It has a moderate population of different races, cultures, and religions, some of them native and others immigrants. It is the absolute definition of a metropolis!

When it comes to celebrating and living life to the fullest, never leave out the people of Kampala. Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays in Kampala City offers some spectacular luxury attractions with the best hotels in the city center and its suburbs. Taste some of the most delicious food on your Uganda Safaris Tour, including exotic and unique foods and drinks.

Kasubi Tombs

Join us on safari for our Ugandan cultural experience visiting some of the best ancient sites in the city of Kampala such as the Kasubi Tombs; where the fallen kings of the Buganda kingdom were buried. The tombs also contain ancient royal artifacts such as spears, drums, and other royal hunting equipment that ancient kings used to rule and hunt with spearheads. We also organized trips to the king’s almost forgotten palace, Amin’s torture chamber.

Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine

On our Uganda Safaris Tour, you will stop at the Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine, which houses the remains of some 22 Catholic martyrs who were burned on Kabaka Mwanga’s orders for their faith. Many who visit these Anglican and Catholic martyrs’ shrines will find it very emotional to learn of their gruesome deaths as some of them are still young.

Continue your spiritual journey to experience the culture of Kampala with Deks Safaris & Tours Africa as we take you on safari in Uganda to more religious sites such as Rubaga Cathedral and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Namirembe; The first cathedral built in Uganda. These ancient cathedrals have exotic architecture that attracts many people to their walls.

Gaddafi Mosque

If you wish, you will also have plenty of time to visit the Gaddafi Mosque as part of the Uganda Tourist Cultural Experience. The mosque was built with the help of former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi and is the largest mosque in East Africa. Other places to visit on this Uganda Safaris Tour holiday include Uganda Museum, Ndere Cultural Centre, Art Galleries, Independence Monument, and many more.

White Water Rafting in Jinja – Uganda

You may have heard that the Nile is the longest river in Africa. While this is true, we here at Deks Safaris & Tours Africa recognize that it is not all about the Nile. The Nile is filled with endless fun activities during your Uganda Safaris Tour vacation. From beautiful river scenery to wildlife and water sports, the Nile is a must-see on any safari holiday in Uganda.

White Nile rafting or white water rafting is one of the many water sports you can enjoy on the Nile on Uganda Safaris Tour and holidays. Many people consider this sport extreme and some may even turn it off, but the truth is that white water rafting is one of the most exciting sports or activities on a Ugandan safari.

Uganda Tours White Nile rafting or white water rafting is the most practiced water activity in Uganda, mainly because of its sheer thrill and adrenaline-inducing power. The Nile has rapids ranging from class 3 to 5, and as it flows north, it varies from clear, calm currents to white, gentle and powerful rapids.

Uganda Family safaris Tour

white water rafting

How to Prepare for White Water Rafting?

This intense Uganda Safaris Tour and vacation experience is the ultimate test of determination as you tackle the rapids of the Nile. Visitors are usually allowed to choose the class of rapids that suits them best, and you can always choose between moderate or strong class 5 rapids. The whole point of water rafting is to embrace the intensity of tourism in Uganda’s natural beauty while hanging on to the ropes for dear life.

Prepare to feel your heart racing as the raft plunges into the rapids and sends its crew into the air before free-diving into the water. However, there is no need to be afraid of experience or to be held back by a lack of knowledge, as the whitewater rafting team will brief you and mainly train you on the free-flowing part of the river before you can enter the rapids.

We recommend wearing a clean and dry set of clothing as you will be in and out of the water a lot between adventures. Plenty of snacks and drinking water are also very necessary. White Nile rafting Uganda Safaris Tour holidays can be half day or full day, the best team at Deks Safaris & Tours Africa always makes sure that you get the best and safest trip.

Bungee Jumping in Jinja

If you had the chance to jump off a 44-meter-high cliff and swim across the famous Nile, what would you do? With Deks Safaris & Tours Africa, we offer you all kinds of services. Our Uganda Safaris Tour Resort water sports on the Nile include a one-time jump at the top of the Nile to test how high you can reach.

Visitors are led to a tower about 44 meters high on a cliff overlooking the Nile. The most important tip of the tower is not to look down, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t be surprised to see people change their minds after seeing the bottom of the water they are about to touch yes, tourist bungee jumping in Uganda can be that scary!

How to Stay Safe on Bungee Jumping?

After a brief introduction on what to do and how to stay safe, a sturdy bungee cord is attached to the leg and encouraged to jump. It may seem downright scary at the moment, but once you put your fear aside and take the leap, you’ll feel like a bird soaring through this tropical natural beauty. As soon as you feel like you’re about to touch the water, the rope will pull you back and you’ll be flying again. The adventure continues about 3 times as you fall and are pulled back by the rope before finally being unbuckled and taken back to shore by boat.

Deks safaris in Uganda can be organized in a variety of formats, including tandem jumps and water taps. But whatever you choose, at Deks Safaris & Tours Africa we believe you deserve the best experience possible and we do everything we can to deliver. You will also be able to overcome acrophobia with bungee jumping.

There is no minimum age limit for bungee jumping tourists, but the minimum weight limit must be 40kg. Couples can have a shared dance experience, and those who are afraid can dance with friends. Always make sure you are in good health as conditions such as heart disease can have adverse effects when jumping such a long distance.

Horseback Riding Adventures in Uganda

Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays Quad Bike and Nile Riding are almost similar except you have experience riding a quad bike or a horse. Explore the Jinja landscape by following a well-defined path through riverine forests, native plantations, and villages. The experience is cultural in the sense that you get to meet the locals and learn about their way of life. You just have to watch the kids!

Kayaking and Jet Skiing

There was plenty to do on our safari trip to Uganda water sports on the Nile. It always depends on what you want to do at any given time and our team of experts works to provide you with the best experiences and tours. Kayaking and jet boating are other ways to enjoy extreme water sports along the Nile at Jinja.

Go on safari in Uganda from Deks Safaris & Tours Africa, kayak the mighty rapids of the Nile and have an experience you will tell your friends about. The experience is very safe as you will be wearing a life jacket and helmet to protect your head in case you fall out of the kayak. Be sure to bring a good camera and enough batteries to take all the pictures you want to keep.

Tubing Adventure in Jinja

A tubing adventure along the Nile on a safari holiday in Uganda involves floating down the river in a tube. Adventures await young and old alike and are the perfect water sport for families. If you are looking for something to glue, then the snake is for you. Uganda’s Nile cruise takes place in a calm, free-flowing section of the river and is completely safe.

Lake Bunyonyi Adventure in Uganda

Unlike the cruises that are popular in some of Uganda’s national parks, Lake Bunyonyi offers an alternative form of water excursion. Canoe! For our Uganda Safaris Tour and holidays, we offer canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi, giving you a more varied safari experience than usual. We are traveling to Western Uganda for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lake Bunyonyi is a natural body of water located between the Kisoro and Kabale regions in southwestern Uganda. Ranging in depth (reportedly) from 44 to 900 m, many conservationists consider Lake Bunyonyi to be the second deepest lake in Africa. The lake is 1962 meters above sea level, 25 kilometers long, and 7 kilometers wide.

Canoeing Adventure at Lake Bunyonyi

Canoeing is very unique because you have to use a more traditional “boat” called a canoe that you sit in as you paddle to your destination. Dugout canoes are made of hollowed-out logs to create enough space for people to sit comfortably inside. We bet you’re unlikely to encounter this experience on a Ugandan safari vacation.

Lake Bunyonyi is one of Uganda’s tourist lakes with beautiful free-flowing hill scenery and 29 islands. Imagine standing in front of an open blue sky, complemented by clear blue water and endless hills covered with riverine forests, tea, and banana plantations. We can’t think of a better way to end any Uganda Safaris Tour.

Canoeing Lake Bunyonyi with Deks Safaris & Tours Africa means not only exploring the lake by canoe but also exploring the natural features within it. We hope you are ready to paddle to some of the unique islands scattered around the lake, such as Sharp Island and Punishment Island, which have a tragic history in the ancient Bakiga culture where pregnant unmarried girls were banished.

Enjoy your Uganda Safaris Tour holiday in Lake Bunyonyi by canoeing, sailing past the islands, and bird-life. The lake is also free of Bilharzia, so swimming and gentle fishing are safe. The hills surrounding the lake are fertile land for local cultivation, mainly for crops such as tea and bananas. We suggest you get a camera so you can capture these moments for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays

Is safari in Uganda safe?

Is Safaris Tour in Uganda safe?

Yes, Uganda is a safe place for your dream safari vacation. If you’ve planned a safari holiday in Uganda and are worried about your safety, don’t be. There are some guidelines to help you stay safe on your trip to Uganda. The first step is to make sure you book your safari with a qualified and registered safari company. Deks Safaris & Tours Africa has been serving clients in the safari sector for many years and has extensive experience in planning the perfect trip to Uganda. Also, make sure you have all the required and necessary vaccines to protect your body against any preventable diseases. Carry mosquito repellent and any personal medication you may need.

When it comes to personal safety on your Uganda Safaris Tour, our team will always take you from your designated destination to the safari point and back to your hotel room. They will also always accompany you with your game animal or guide during your hunting trip. Tourists, especially women, are also encouraged to travel in groups and avoid going at night.

What are the visa requirements to travel to Uganda?

What are the visa requirements to travel to Uganda?

When you go to Uganda on a hunting holiday and you are not from a visa-free African country, you need a visa. The visa application system has been enhanced to allow Ugandan tourist travelers to apply for visas online before their Uganda Safaris Tour.

First, visit the Uganda immigration page and start the application process. Once approved, you will be asked to make a bank payment, attach a receipt, and be notified that your visa is ready. You will be able to get your visa on arrival at the airport. A single entry visa to Uganda usually costs around $50 and a multiple entry visa costs around $100.

Travelers who wish to combine a Kenya and Rwanda tour with an Uganda tour are strongly advised to apply for a 90-day multiple entries East Africa Tourist Visa which will allow them to enter other East African countries on the same Uganda Safaris Tour.

What kind of wildlife can I see at Uganda Safaris Tour Park?

What kind of wildlife can I see at Uganda Safaris Tour Park?

With 342 species of mammals living in Uganda, expect a wildlife show from Deks Safaris & Tours Africa during your Uganda Safaris Tour holidays and vacations. In addition, the country offers all of the Big Five, including lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and rhinos, making it one of the most popular Uganda Safaris Tour travel destinations.

The animals of Uganda’s national parks and reserves can be seen with Deks Africa on a game and trekking Uganda Safaris Tour. Wildlife is often aligned with aquatic habitats such as aquatic animals and birds. During a wildlife safari, multiple tracks are often tracked to ensure the best views.

On a safari holiday in Uganda apart from the Big 5, you will encounter other animals such as; monkeys, civet cats, wild dogs, giraffes, Ugandan copper, jungle cubs, Defasa waterbucks, chimpanzees, duikers, kudu, jackals, bucks, baboons, gazelles, foxes, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, elks, and servals, among many others.

What should I pack on an Uganda Safaris Tour?

What should I pack on an Uganda Safaris Tour?

A packing tip for any Uganda Safaris Tour is to pack light. You don’t want heavy luggage to get in the way of your trip to Uganda, as you may need a porter during a trekking or mountaineering expedition. It is always wiser to stick to necessities such as personal medicine during a safari holiday in Uganda.

For most safari holidays in Uganda, you’ll need a hat and sunglasses to protect against direct sunlight, and some light fabric clothing such as navy blue, army green, brown and black to help you blend into the jungle. Also, stock up on some long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and pants for cold nights and early mornings.

Finally, the most important part, make sure you have all the necessary Uganda travel documents such as a valid passport, visa, and vaccination certificates. If you have medical needs, please bring your documents and inform the travel agent of your medical needs before your Uganda Safaris Tour and holidays.

What accommodation options are available For Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays?

What accommodation options are available For Uganda Safaris Tour Holidays?

With Deks Safaris & Tours Africa, you can always get the best accommodation to suit your safari holiday budget, whether you want the luxury of a luxury Uganda Safaris Tour or prefer a jungle tour. Choose a place where you want to spend more time with nature. In this case, you can set up a camp in the desert.

You get the best possible accommodation options while maintaining comfort and an unforgettable experience. Some notable options include Paraa Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls, Bunyonyi Lake Resort at Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elizabeth’s Mweya Safari Lodge, Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo, and Bwindi Lodge near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

When is the best time to travel to Uganda?

When is the best time to travel to Uganda?

In many safari blogs and articles you will read that Ugandan weather is safe for Ugandan safaris; believe that Uganda has relatively sunny weather all year round without winter or tsunamis. To some extent this is true. However, you need to plan your trip to Uganda at the perfect time as it can put a lot of strain on your safari.

Even if the snow keeps the road clear, heavy rains can prevent you from going on a Ugandan safari holiday destination or even trekking and mountaineering expeditions. You might not even be able to do a mountain gorilla trek on a rainy day!

It is therefore very important to plan your trip to Uganda during the dry season, as the roads are dusty but passable and wildlife is easy to spot in search of water and food. In addition, migratory birds are often nearby. The dry months are usually December to February and June to July.

Is tap water safe to drink? Unable to. Tap water in Uganda is not safe to drink and you can get typhoid if you drink it straight from the tap or from a plastic bucket. However, during your trip to Uganda, you will have access to bottled water throughout the safari, and you can also bring extra cash to buy safe bottled water at Uganda Safaris Tour & Holidays.

What Language is Used in Uganda?

What Language is Used in Uganda?

The fact that Uganda is a metropolis with more than 41 languages ​​is enough to comfort Ugandan travelers. It’s just that because of all these languages, there’s at least one you can speak. The most commonly spoken languages ​​are English, Swahili, and Luganda; English is the official language. The Deks Africa team maintains a healthy balance between professionalism and hospitality, so trips to Uganda often use English, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to communicate. Sometimes Luganda can be used for cultural exchange with locals in situations where you need to say hello or communicate.

What are the dos and don'ts of a safari trip to Uganda?

What are the dos and don’ts of a safari trip to Uganda?

With endless safari holiday activities available on an Uganda Safaris Tour, you need to have the right guide. Therefore, when planning your Uganda trip, it is best to work with a qualified travel agency like Deks Africa to best tailor your Uganda Safaris Tour holiday package to match everything you see on safari.

Put on your best-hiking boots and get ready to ride the steep slopes of Bwindi in search of mountain gorillas, the ultimate joy of gorilla trekking in Uganda. The Uganda Safaris Tour Center offers gorilla trekking as well as other activities such as golden monkey and chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, and game viewing.

There are also several water activities suitable for Uganda Safaris Tour and Nile holidays such as kayaking, rafting, jet skiing, quad biking, boat trips, and bungee jumping. For a more relaxed adventure, opt for a canoeing adventure on Lake Bunyoi, go fishing or build muscle on a volcano hike with Deks Africa Uganda Tour.

How much does a safari cost in Uganda?

How much does a safari cost in Uganda?

A safari holiday in Uganda starts with transport or transfers, food, accommodation, permits, entrance fees, guides, and more. So, to determine the actual cost of Deks Safaris & Tours Africa Uganda Safaris Tour and vacations, we need to consider all these costs.

To begin with, accommodation on an Uganda Safaris Tour ranges from $150 to $900 depending on whether you choose a budget, mid-range, or luxury accommodation on your Uganda tour with Deks Safaris & Tours Africa. A gorilla trekking permit will cost you $800, while acclimatization will cost you $1,500. A chimpanzee trek permit costs about $250, and an habituation permit costs about $250.


Transportation and airport transfers cost between $100 and $200 per day. Entrance to the park can cost between $10 and $30 depending on where you go. However, if you order a gorilla trekking permit, entry is always free. Wildlife activities such as boat cruises, hikes, nature walks, and safaris range from $20 to $30 per person. activity.

When it comes to meals, your daily meal cost will be around $10. Tips can cost you $50, while guides are usually paid by the company. However, you should always keep in mind that group tours are usually cheaper than private tours, as costs such as transportation can be shared among all members of the group.

On your Uganda Safaris Tour holiday, you can always choose between budget and mid-range accommodation to keep costs down. However, a typical Ugandan safari can cost anywhere from $300 and up, depending on the activity and type of accommodation you choose. Contact our travel experts to tailor your Uganda Safaris Tour holiday to your budget.

Which country has the best gorilla trekking?

Which country has the best gorilla trekking – Uganda and Rwanda?

Uganda and Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari Holidays in Uganda can seem impossible as each of these destinations offers a unique and different approach to this exciting experience. So let’s take a look at some facts to help you decide where to go gorilla trekking.

  1. There are currently about 1,063 mountain gorillas in the wild, and about 500 in Uganda, which is almost half of the world’s population. The rest of the population is split between Rwanda and Congo. This means you have more chances to see mountain gorillas on your Uganda tour than anywhere else.
  2. In addition, an Uganda Safaris Tour Travel and Holiday permit for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda cost $800 for foreign and non-foreign residents and Uganda Shillings 300,000 for East Africans. In Rwanda, however, they cost 1,500 dollars. This means that mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda is more expensive than trekking in Uganda.
  3. Finally, it is worth noting that both countries are currently politically safe and your mountain gorilla safari in Uganda will be completely safe. In addition, income from the experience goes towards conservation efforts to protect mountain gorillas and their natural habitat.

This means that only you can choose where to go on your Uganda Safaris Tour and Mountain Gorilla Trekking because wherever you go, a blissful experience is guaranteed. But consider your budget and the guarantee that you will get giants; Uganda takes care of both!

What is Gorilla Trekking Like?

What is Gorilla Trekking Like?

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Uganda Tour is mainly about trekking or trekking through the green jungle in search of endangered mountain gorillas. These scary monkeys are so rare that the world can only see them in three countries: Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. That alone is enough to make this moment special. Imagine being able to see the mountain gorillas that everyone else only thinks, reads, and hears about on a Deks Safaris & Tours Africa Uganda Safaris Tour! Then there is the matter of size. Mountain gorillas are the largest and strongest primates in the world. They can grow up to 4-6 feet and weigh between 136 and 230 kg.

Now imagine that you are standing in front of a primate the likes of which many people have never seen before. Mountain gorillas are very gentle and will mostly mind their own business if you stand 8-10m away to observe them. So, although it looks scary, it is safe! In addition, take an easy trek through the tropical jungles of Uganda in search of these great apes. So, have you ever wondered what mountain gorilla trekking is like?

How to book Uganda Safaris Tour?

How to book Uganda Safaris Tour?

First of all, before booking your Uganda Safaris Tour and holidays visit our website for information on top Uganda travel destinations, safari activities, and everything else you need to know about Uganda Safaris Tour. Report details. So go check out our safari packages and choose the one that suits you best.

Once you have decided where to go and what you want to do on your Uganda Safaris Tour, please keep in touch with us via our email. or contact us directly at +256 783 662219 to book your tour. Our team will then engage you and tailor a personalized Uganda Safaris Tour that suits you best.

After booking, you must pay a deposit for your safari to secure your place and order the necessary safari documents, such as a mountain gorilla trekking permit. You will receive a payment notification and a receipt, after which you will be ready to travel and have the best time on our Uganda Safaris Tour.