Uganda Bird Safari and Birding in Uganda

Uganda bird safari tours have a growing reputation as exceptional places for world-class birding. It is among the richest in the world in terms of bird species. There are more than 1500 bird species. This is due to its territorial diversity. They range from savannas, semi-deserts, tropical mountain rainforests, wetlands, lakes, rivers, and Afro-Alpine regions to dense impenetrable rainforests.

All of the above are rich habitats for some of the most famous birds in the world. Uganda is home to nearly half of all recorded species from Africa. It has more birds per square kilometer than any other country in Africa.

Uganda offers year-round bird safari in most of Uganda’s national parks and many birding spots. Such as Mabamba Wetlands, Bigodi Wetlands in Kibale Forest National Park, Bwindi Wetlands, Elbert, and Simriki Valley. Go on a bird safari in Uganda to discover the main bird species native to the Albertine region. Uganda offers great birding safaris for both individuals and groups with well-trained local bird guides. The pearl of Africa is a real Birder paradise, one of the destinations of the first birds in Africa.

While he participated in the youth bird safari of Uganda, he expects a famous gray crane, a bird from the country that appeared as a national logo on the Uganda flag, especially the Uganda flag. Elevation. Other famous birds can be assembled into two different categories than baseline and pass.

Bird Species to Adventure on a Uganda Bird Safari

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