Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the Karamoja district of northeastern Uganda. Established in 1962, the park covers 540 square miles (1,399 square kilometers) of wooded grasslands and mountain landscapes in the northeastern corner of the state. Its rivers, including the Kidepo River, are mostly dry, and the park straddles the Kenya-South Sudan border. The landscape is dominated by the Morungala Mountains to the east and the Loktu Range in South Sudan to the north.

Attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Wildlife Adventure in Kidepo

Kidepo Valley National Park supports a wider animal diversity with much higher biomass and 80 of the 29 mammal species not found in any other park in Uganda, including caracals, spotted hyenas, coyotes, cheetahs, bat foxes, and hunting dogs. The park is home to 5 species of primates such as the Kavirondo Bush Baby, which is unique to the area, as well as rare ungulates such as kudu and kudu, Chandler Mountain Reedbuck, Klipspringer, Dik-dik, Bright Gazelle, Beisa Oryx. , Roan Antelope. Other animal species in the park include lions, elephants, zebras, bush pigs, Rothschild’s giraffes, eland, Jackson deer, water buffalo, oribis, leopards, spotted hyenas, black and side jackals, crocodiles, and more. Kidepo National Park is the best buffalo herd park in Africa.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Bird Species

Kidepo Valley National Park is a birding destination, the park is home to more than 480 species of birds, some of the rarest and most popular in Africa, such as the black-brown Karamoja Apalis, the park is suitable for semi. arid species in other parts of Uganda, such as the ostrich, which is also noted for its bird prey, with 58 species recorded in the area. Birds such as the Abyssinian roller, black-breasted, fox hawk, golden falcon, peregrine falcon, Jackson’s hornbill, purple grenadier, pygmy falcon, ringed parakeet, red-billed parakeet, and others are found in the park.

Apoka Tourism Center

Apoka Tourism Center is the visitor center of Kidepo National Park, ranger guides accompany vacationers on game drives and walk, tourists without transportation rent park trucks, the center has books and souvenirs, and you can buy bottled water, soft drinks, and other drinks.

Narus Valley

The Narus Valley consists of rolling meadows surrounded by distant mountains and the Narus River below the valley. Narusdalen is a permanent source of water and attracts many species of animals, especially in the dry season when they gather to drink.

Namamukweny Valley

Namamukweny Valley is a great birding spot in Kidepo Valley National Park with many birds like Oriental Paradise Waida, White-Crown Tulako, Common Bulbul, Abyssinian Roller, Greenwood Hoopoe, Paradise Waida, and many more.

Lomej Hill

Lomej mountains are the attraction of Kidepo National Park, these mountains are a paradise for bird watching in the park, and whenever visitors come to the park for bird watching, this is the perfect place for bird watching.

Lonyili Hill.

Located between Kitgum and the Sudanese border, the lonely mountain in Kidepo Valley National Park is largely covered in montane forest and is home to primates such as colobus monkeys.

Morungole Hill.

Mount Morungole is located in Kidepo Valley National Park, about 275 meters above sea level, with Narus River and Kidepo River on the mountain, it is the best trekking destination and a good place for IK people. Cultural Experience, Kidepo National Park.

Kidepo Valley and Kanangorok Hot Springs.

Kanangorok Hot Spring is located in the Kidepo Valley National Park in the northeastern part of Uganda, the hot spring is located just outside the Kidepo River in the northern part of the park bordering the South Sudanese border and is one of the best places to visit. relax and unwind in Kidepo National Park, overlooking the desert.

Kidepo Valley National Park

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Activity in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Game Drive

Kidepo Valley National Park drives are the main activity in the park. Rides in the park take place in the morning or late evening and are called day rides and night rides. During the day, visitors can see a variety of animals such as zebras, hyenas, horned buffalo, lions, leopards, elephants, warthogs, jungle dukes, and others as they get up close to these species in 4×4 vehicles or safari vans, while at night. game drives are often the highlight of a safari trip, sunsets are the way to end a day in Kidepo National Park in a 4×4 safari van, and night game drives are the only game drives you can see that expose you to nocturnal animals.

Bird Watching

Birding in Kidepo National Park is best during the quiet season, from March to May and November, when bird lovers will be able to see the most migratory and colorful birds such as Karamoja Apalis in flight, Pygmy Falcon, Purple Grenadier, Black Breasted Sandpiper, golden falcon, peregrine falcon, etc. Remind birds to bring binoculars during birding activities.

A Walk-in Nature

Nature walks are available at any time of the day in Kidepo Valley National Park, especially around Apoka, where visitors can see animals such as zebras, elephants, reeds, buffaloes, lions, and trails and paths that visitors can walk on early. In the morning, observe the species up close and admire the beautiful desert.

Climb Mount Morungole and Visit the IK tribe.

While climbing Mount Morungole, you will meet IK people, you will hike for a day in different vegetation and rocky terrain, and enjoy the wonderful view of Kidepo Valley National Park, tourists will also be exposed to IK – dance, their history, and many others.

Karamojong Community Tour.

Karamojong tribe is the main tribe found in the Karamojong community and park, Karamojong culture and way of life is as undisturbed as the Kidepo desert, guests love the culture of the Karamoja people very much, their traditional house is called Manyatta, and their traditional dance, traditional handmade stools, beads, bracelets and much more.

Where to Stay in Kidepo Valley National Park?

Kidepo National Park offers a variety of accommodation options for visitors during their visit to the park as they are divided into the budget, mid-range, and luxury accommodations such as Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Adelaide Safari Lodge Kidepo, Apoka Safari Lodge, UW Bandas, and many more, Kidepo National Park.

Best Time to Visit Kidepo Valley National Park?

The best time to visit Kidepo National Park is in July and August, the dry months for wildlife viewing, where animals are concentrated near the water sources of Kidepo National Park.

Kidepo Valley National Park

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How to Get to Kidepo Valley National Park?

Kidepo National Park can be accessed in two different ways, by road and by air transport from Kampala to the park.

Road transport.

Kidepo National Park is about 12 hours from Kampala to the park.

Transportation by Plane.

Aero Link’s scheduled flights last approximately 2 hours and then fly from Entebbe Airport to Kidepo. Charter flights are also available if you contact the jet operator or visit a travel agent. Kidepo Valley National Park is a major bird watching and hunting area in Uganda with almost 480 species of birds, it is a dream destination for bird watching in Uganda, and 12 of the 50 species of birds of prey in Uganda are endemic to the Karamoja region. And today Kidepo A unique wildlife icon found nowhere else in Uganda’s national parks, National Park offers some of the best savannah views unmatched by any other national park in East Africa.