Bungee Jumping in Jinja – Uganda

If you had the chance to jump off a 44-meter-high cliff and swim across the famous Nile, what would you do? With Deks Safaris & Tours Africa, we offer you all kinds of bungee jumping adventures in Uganda. Our Uganda Safaris Tour spots water sports on the Nile including a one-time jump at the top of the Nile to test how high you can reach.

Visitors are led to a tower about 44 meters high on a cliff overlooking the Nile. The most important tip of the tower is not to look down, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t be surprised to see people change their minds after seeing the bottom of the water they are about to touch yes, tourist bungee jumping in Uganda can be that scary!

Bungee Jumping in Jinja

Jinja City Adventures in Uganda

How to Stay Safe on Bungee Jumping?

After a brief introduction on what to do and how to stay safe, a sturdy bungee cord is attached to the leg and encouraged to jump. It may seem downright scary at the moment, but once you put your fear aside and take the leap, you’ll feel like a bird soaring through this tropical natural beauty. As soon as you feel like you’re about to touch the water, the rope will pull you back and you’ll be flying again. The bungee jumping adventure continues about 3 times as you fall and are pulled back by the rope before finally being unbuckled and taken back to shore by boat.

Deks safaris in Uganda can be organized in a variety of formats, including tandem jumps and water taps. But whatever you choose, at Deks Safaris & Tours Africa we believe you deserve the best experience possible and we do everything we can to deliver. You will also be able to overcome acrophobia with bungee jumping.

There is no minimum age limit for bungee jumping tourists, but the minimum weight limit must be 40kg. Couples can have a shared dance experience, and those who are afraid can dance with friends. Always make sure you are in good health as conditions such as heart disease can have adverse effects when jumping such a long distance.

Jinja City Adventures in Uganda

Jinja City Adventures in Uganda

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