A List of the Best National Parks in Kenya

It can be difficult to decide which of the 24 national parks in Kenya to visit because there are also 15 national reserves, 6 marine national parks, and private conservancies. Here is a quick hit list of some of the best national parks in Kenya to assist you in choosing between the north, south, east, and west, between hot and dry or luscious and green, and between mountainous or flat.

Kenya National Parks – Where to Go for Kenya Wildlife Safaris Tour Holidays?

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Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is located on the outskirts of Kenya’s capital. Buffalo, rhinos, zebras, and lions are just a few of the many animals that can be found in the first national parks of Kenya. A game drive can be prearranged with the Kenya Wildlife Service or you can explore the park on your own.

The best times to see the animals are at dawn or dusk; while away some of the time is in between by visiting Ololo Lodge for lunch and a swim, or by spending the night at Nairobi Tented Camp.

Increasing pressure from developers and several incidents involving wildlife straying into nearby farmland as a result of people encroaching on the animals’ habitats have made it more critical than ever to support the park financially.

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Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Amboseli National Park is One of the Great Rift Valley Kenya National Parks

Amboseli National Park, situated in the southern part of Kenya near the Tanzanian border, offers breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. Golden grasslands coexist with swampy, hippo-filled springs in this area.

Which is known as the best place in Africa to get close to the park’s large population of elephants. Above the wildlife, there are only lilac, dusky horizons as far as the eye can see. Amboseli is home to a variety of animals in addition to elephants, including lions, giraffes, leopards, and cheetahs.

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Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya’s Great Wildebeest Migration

Over a million wildebeest migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya in search of greener grasslands, in what is regarded as one of the world’s greatest spectacles. The Masai Mara, the jewel in Kenya’s crown of national parks, is a great place to go to witness the great migration.

The most dramatic scenes occur at the river crossings, where the wildebeest slide and crash down the steep embankments of the Mara River into crocodile and hippo-infested waters and, if they manage to get through that, still have to gallop past Mara’s dense population of lions waiting for them on the other side.

The months of July through September are the best for viewing the migration in this area. With knowledgeable staff and a considerate approach to safeguarding the fragile Mara ecosystem, Porini Lion Camp is a great place to stay.

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Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

A stunning and arid ecosystem, the Samburu National Reserve is located in northern Kenya on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River. Because of its more remote location, it receives less tourism than its cousins in the south of the country.

Compared to other parks, Samburu offers a variety of wildlife which is one of its main draws. The Grevy’s zebra, for example, is a graceful animal that is not common in the south; its stripes are thinner than those of the common zebra, and its frame is taller and more horse-like.

Those seeking to avoid the throngs of tourists drawn to famous national parks in Kenya like the Masai Mara frequently choose Samburu as an alternative.

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Aberdare National Park

Try the Aberdare National Park, which is close to the Great Rift Valley, for something a little different. Rich, colorful forests give way to wide-open moorland, soaring mountains, and deep gorges in this area.

The Aberdares are well known for their black rhino population, as well as the enormous forest hog, elephants, and a variety of antelope and gazelle. The Treetops Hotel, where Princess Elizabeth of the UK formally assumed the throne in 1952 after her father’s death, is located here.

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Tsavo East National Park

One of the first National Parks in Kenya, Tsavo East National Park was established in 1948. This area of Kenya is beautiful, wild, and hot (the heat rises as you lose altitude traveling from Nairobi), and it still has a lot of its original splendor.

It is located in the east of the country, halfway between Nairobi and the coast. Elephants covered in rusty red soil playing in the shaded waters of the Galana River are among the most unique attractions in Tsavo East.

Some of these were once David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphans who were later released into the wild.

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Tsavo West National Park

After several construction workers were killed by ravenous lions while constructing the railroad from Mombasa to Uganda in the late 1800s, Tsavo earned the nickname “man-eating lions” because of this.

Today, it is famous for less terrifying things, like the Shetani Lava Flows and the spectacle known as Mzima Springs, which features icy clear water rushing quickly out from beneath a lava rock. This area, like Tsavo East, is breathtakingly beautiful.

It is wild and untamed in some areas and opens grassland in others. The wildlife viewing is on par with that of any of the top national parks in Kenya. Expect to see a wide variety of bird and plant species in addition to the “Big 5”.

The park is well known for its daring rock climbing opportunities in addition to its scenic views and wildlife.

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