What Is The Price of a Gorilla Tour to Africa?

Interested in Uganda Gorilla Permits at $700? Every customer wants to know the price for a gorilla safari or gorilla tour in Uganda costs and indeed this is an intriguing question that has been bandied in forums similar to TripAdvisor and lonely earth. A 3 Day gorilla tracking tour costs from USD490 to USD520.00 per person participating in a group of two banning a gorilla permit at USD700.00 for one hour trip or a USD1500 gorilla habituation experience permit for a four-hour gorilla passage.

Kindly note that what’s expressed then about the Uganda gorilla trip cost is Deks Uganda Safaris opinion which should just act as a guideline and should you have any questions please communicate with some of our educated stint advisers for details. You can also check out our sample gorilla safari packages to enjoy our competitive prices for Bwindi Gorilla safaris.

Gorilla Tour to Uganda cost breakdown

For a successful gorilla tour trip, your Uganda gorilla trip costs should consider the cost of a gorilla permit whose price is USD600.00 per person for one hour trek and USD1500.00 per person for a four-hour gorilla heroinism experience, you also need to consider the cost of for you accommodation and also pay transport to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park (Uganda) and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Utmost Budget gorilla safari lodges charge between USD50 to USD70 while Mid Range Lodges charge between USD80 to USD120 while Luxury or Up Market Lodges charge from USD250.00 per person participating onwards.

Depending on where you wish to journey gorillas, the minimum number of days for a gorilla tour in Uganda is three while for Rwanda, it can be two days. Deks Uganda Safaris organizes 3- a day gorilla safaris from Entebbe as well as 3 Day or 2- day Bwindi Gorilla safaris from Kigali. Please see some of our gorilla tour packages below

Price and Cost of Gorilla Permits.

In your budget/ cost for a gorilla safari, or Uganda gorilla trip costing, your number one item should be a gorilla permit. It’s a gorilla permit that permits you to view the risked mountain gorillas for one hour per person in Uganda or Rwanda.

Take advantage of our Low season blinked gorilla safaris in April, May, and November and enjoy a 20 Reduction. You can choose to bespeak our 3- day low season gorilla safari, or our 5- day low season gorilla and chimp touring safari. Rwanda gorilla permits cost USD1500.00 per person for one hour but you can also consider gorilla habituation experience permits at USD1500 to spend four hours with mountain gorillas in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Gorilla permits for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority head services in Kampala on a fast come first serve base while Gorilla permits for Rwanda are issued by Rwanda Development Board.

Please communicate with Deks Uganda Safaris for the vacuity and booking of Gorilla permits at the Uganda Wildlife Authority or Rwanda Development Board. It’s advised that you’re-purchase your gorilla permits 3-5 months in advance to avoid deficits most especially during the high seasons of June, July, August, and September also December, January, and February. Check out our out-season gorilla tour offers for April, May, and November.

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