Akagera National Park – Rwanda Wildlife Safari Experience

Mesmerizing, stunningly beautiful, inspiring, majestic, and supple vacationers, Rwanda wilderness vacationers appreciate the wonderful spirit of Akagera National Park. As well as the country it resides in, Rwanda. We will use these adjectives etc. to describe them. Located along the northeastern border with Tanzania, the reserve was founded in 1934 and initially covered an area of ​​over 2,500 square kilometers, or about 10% of the country’s total land area. But today it occupies only 1122 square kilometers. Akagera National Park is named after the Kagera River, which flows along the park’s eastern boundary.

The Kagera River is flooded with life-threatening water that supplies Lake Ehima and Lake Shukane to maintain the fertility of the land. When the park was established, intrepid travelers were amazed by the incredible diversity of wildlife, including Africa’s Big Five. The landscape includes vast savannas of golden grass, rolling hills, lakes surrounded by lush acacia and plachistegia forests, and sedge-filled swamps, the largest protected wetlands in Central Africa. Today, safari visitors visiting the region can once again witness the splendor and beauty of Rwanda by visiting the Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park

Brief History of Akagera National Park

In the years since the park was founded, colonization and unrest have hit the country. The park suffers from poaching and poaching to protect domestic animals increasing populations of lions, rhinos, elephants, and other species. As the country left the horrors of the 1990s genocide behind, people expanded their efforts to rebuild their lives and country and renew the great spotted woodpecker.

Much of the former park property had to be relocated to turn returning refugees into farmland, but there has also been extensive conservation work to restore lost wildlife. Brave safari travelers can once again enjoy sightings of magnificent lions, large pachyderms, and powerful Masai giraffes, among many other species that inhabit the park. In 2017, efforts to revive the black rhino replaced the only park in Rwanda where the Big Five took place (the best time to visit the Great Spotted Woodpecker).

Akagera National Park

Wildlife Adventure in Rwanda

What is the Main Attraction in the Park?

Akagera National Park is known for its rare and elusive Sitatunga, a species of marsh antelope, and for the strange marsh bird, the stork. In addition to lions, some predators can be seen in the park, including hyenas, sima jackals, cheetahs, and mongooses. Among herbivores, duikers, moose, zebras, zebras, rowan, and many other animals roam the country.

In 2009, the Great Spotted Woodpecker Management Company (AMC) was founded as a result of the conservation and conservation efforts of the cooperation between the African Parks Network and the Rwanda Development Council. Thanks to their joint activities, the people living around the park are learning how tourism can be an important source of livelihood for their community. Locals are now learning to work alongside park residents.

Many Rwandan youths register as forest rangers to patrol and build fences to protect the park from poaching, while others act as guides to accompany guests on Rwanda safaris around the Great Spotted Woodpecker. With a thorough understanding of the park, they introduce visitors to the amazing wildlife. And it contains more than 520 amazing bird species and more than 8000 large mammals. Women who learn to sew and hand-woven baskets make adorable souvenirs to purchase on their way home to Akagera National Park.

Attractions in Akagera National Park.

Akagera Playhouse

If you like baboons, you’ll be staying overnight at Akagera Game Lodge. Since we were only there I didn’t get a chance to see the room other than the whole yard is beautiful and the cabin is beautiful. This hotel is good enough. The hotel also has a swimming pool, business facilities, tennis courts, and many safari activities such as games, fishing, and bird watching and is located near the hotel entrance.

This is a very nice hotel; it is open all year and is known or offered in more than 64 neighborhoods. During this period, it was the only facility within the park. This is not a traditional hunting lodge, but a hotel. It is located along the shore of Lake Ihema, so it has the best view of the lake. There is also a large, dust-free swimming pool located on the edge of the prairie. The lodge also offers a spectacular, relaxed atmosphere, perfect or quiet gates, meetings, and a variety of wildlife.

Ruzizi tent cabin

For an expensive adventure, you can try Ruzizi Tented Lodge, the best accommodation in the park, as the name says, you will sleep in safari tents, which are very stylish and located in a great location by the lake in the park. 2-person tents cost $165 for foreign tourists and $130 for locals. It also includes breakfast, and dinner, which also means that this hotel is much better value for money than Akagera Gaming Hotel. There are nine tents left, which are booking up quickly this weekend. The food was also well received and people appreciated the showers.

Karanja Bush Camp

I’ve heard a lot about this modern camp, which is only open from June 1st to August 31st and from mid-December to the end of February each year. This camp also has a full board – USD 150 per person, but you need to confirm the price before booking this camp as it is more idyllic than Ruzizi Tented Camp and it’s a very luxurious experience, the staff takes good care of the guest bed, cold drinks, three meals, and pleasant surroundings. The camp also has minimal impact, no cement, and everything is unlocked every time you leave. It is also an example of a good new initiative in the park and I look forward to trying it out as well. for accommodation.

Safari Camps and Accommodations in Akagera National Park:

Today, there are only two lodging options in Akagera National Park other than camping. Ruzizi Tent Lodge opened in 2013 and is located near the main entrance to the south. Managed by African Parks, it is a lovely bush camp on the shores of Lake Ihemaa. Another option would be the game lodge at Akagera national park, which has been restored for years and is now open but at a modest level.

Visit Rwanda and experience Africa at its best. There are also new camps planned in the future for the northern part of the park so customers can contact us or find out the latest news about these camps. Meanwhile, spend the day exploring the northern plains before returning to the Ruzizi tent on any Akagera safari.